Vision and Mission Statements


To create a safe and secure environment in which to live and play in as well as to promote the healthy growth and development through sports for every child and provide support for families by providing high quality, developmental and a professional environment for children to thrive in. An important part of this vision is for each child to become an advocate for all children in our community in order to promote and enhance the well-being of the community we serve through respect, courteousness and sportsmanship.

Firmly believing that "It takes a family and a community with respect and honor to raise a child", the Grey Ghost organization will achieve this vision in cooperation with the community and the families it serves along with our sponsors and community organizers associated with our program.


To promote the healthy growth and development of children in family child care and the strengthening of their families and communities through:

    • Enhancing the quality of our community and program

    • Communicating a positive image to and for the community

    • Strengthening and expanding the welfare of the community as well as reflecting the rich diversity of cultures and ethnicities within our community

    • Securing adequate funds and resources to achieve the goals of the of the program to continue to provide the highest levels of development and safety to all the children in our community

    • Developing leadership and advocacy skills by providing opportunities for education, training, and identifying ways to be more proactive rather than reactive.

    • Insuring that providers have adequate support by providing resources for information about regulations and legal support where appropriate

    • Incorporating “Code of Ethics” into every aspect of our program and community

    • Coordinating with a broad range of community services at all levels to support children, community, and programs

Our program works in conjunction with our After School Program which offers tutoring to all participants. The sports that our children are currently or soon will be participating in include: Cheerleading and Tackle Football.

The lessons learned enable our children to succeed and thrive in life once they stop playing sports and begin to play the “Game of Life”.